Lisa Loucks Christenson Non-Fiction

Lisa Loucks Christenson Books: (partial list)

Bears of Whitewater
Blanding's Turtles of Whitewater
Blue Eyes
Coyote of Whitewater
Giant Canada Goose Documentary
Eagles of Whitewater
Hapless Harry: The Minnesota Muscovy Duck Documentary
Heart of the Valley
I Am My Brothers Keeper
Lions in the Blufflands
Paper Wasp Documentary
Spirit Trees of Whitewater
Struggling for Existence
Tent Caterpillar Documentary
Walk the Burn
Winter Bugs
Winter Bugs: 10 Year Anniversary Edition
Wolves of Whitewater

Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary (2005-present)

2005 Year One Dancer & Daedee: Eagle Nest Coffee Bar & Cafe
2006 Year Two Dancer & Daedee: Epiphany Season
2007 Year Three Dancer & Daedee: Calling all Scribes
2008 Year Four Dancer & Daedee: Snow Falling on Eagles
2009 Year Five Dancer & Daedee: Gifts from our Eagles
2010 Year Six Dancer & Daedee: Exodus 19:4 (". . .I have lifted you on eagles wings and brought you to me.")
2011 Year Seven Dancer & Daedee: I Flew Broken
2012 Year Eight Dancer & Daedee: Affinity to Infinity
2013 Year Nine Dancer & Daedee: Eagle Against Sky
2014 Year Ten Dancer & Daedee: Legend of the Sun Dogs
2015 Year Eleven Dancer & Daedee: Daughter's on Dancers' Skies
2016 Year Twelve Dancer & Daedee: Tipping Point
2017 Year Thirteen Dancer & Daedee: Ties that Bind