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Lisa Loucks Christenson
Lisa is a national award-winning and #1 international bestselling author and photographer. This site features Lisa Loucks Christenson's books, images, art, exhibit info, and news.

White Wolf Creek™ features the Lisa Loucks Christenson wildlife collection, art, books, cards, and Lisa's exhibits. White Wolf Creek™ is open by appointment or during scheduled gallery showings, exhibits, book signings, and other events.  

On this site you will find information on Lisa Loucks Christenson's books, e-books, digital products, stock photos, book covers, trading cards and more. We offer physical or digital downloads on many products, but some are for exhibit purpose only, not for resale. All images, books, products are rights-managed, under strict license. We do not offer any royalty- free products. All our images are licensed to various rights holders who have vested interests in our products and services. We take copyright infringement seriously and will investigate all illegal uses of our work.

REPORT INFRINGEMENT: Legal@LoucksChristenson.com
All tips remain confidential. We are proactive in tracking down copyright infringers, piracy, and thefts of our materials. Any acts of piracy, infringement is logged, relayed to our large inner network, investigated and is prosecuted through our legal team. If you received a Cease and Desist, or are illegally using our trademarks, trademarked names, registered trademarks in your keywords, or website we will EASILY find you, this is illegal!

We offer a 14-day-return policy on all tangible products only. We do not offer refunds on digital products, any decision to go outside this policy for returns is handled on a case-by-case basis. We are happy to offer credit or full refunds with no restocking fees, and no hassles for all physical products.

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